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Susan Light Killinger of Lebanon, Pennsylvania has mailed us instructions for Hearts. Susan suggests the pastel colored hearts and stars are beautiful in a baby gift basket. Also great for weddings. The Red White and Blue are great for Veterans, their families, 4th of July and historical celebrations. She has made them for their local senior citizens home. Often she uses a set of the star and the heart. 

Susan learned the design from an old friend, Susan Horst Kerschner, many years ago, Both their maiden names, Light and Horst are Pennsylvania German.

We have made detailed instructions for these hearts and show them below.  

Steps A through G below are the beginning steps for a double basket weave which is the same as for the 3D Star Instructions. If you already make the stars, you can make the basket weave and then start on step H below. These are 1/2 inch wide strips.   The trimming in step A can be omitted for the Hearts.
A: Take 4 strips together and trim each end. (The lengths of the cuts should be about twice the width of the strips.) Trimming in step A can be omitted for the Hearts.

B: With the 4 strips  together, fold one end up to the other end, about one strip width from the end.

3dstara.jpg 3dstarb.jpg
C: Make a basket weave, using the 4 strips with the long ends on top. (Place the first along the bottom horizontally with the fold on the right. Place the second one vertically with the fold at the bottom, placing both ends of the first between the ends of the second strip. Place the third one horizontally with the fold on the left, placing both ends of the second between the ends of the third strip. Place the fourth one vertically with the fold on the top, placing both ends of the third between the ends of the fourth strip and placing both ends op the fourth strip between the ends of the first.)


D: Pull ends to  form a close basket weave.


A second basket weave is needed over this first one. Each of the long strips on top will be used to form the second weave.

E: Pull one top strip down. Press. Take one strip on left and fold over to right. Press (shown folded over in F). Take one strip below right and fold up. Press (shown folded up in F).


F: Take one strip, upper right, fold to left but weave under upper strip, forming your second basket weave. Press.

3dstarf.jpg          3dstarg.jpg

G: Second weave finished.

We took four Goldenrod 1/2 inch wide strips and made a basket weave as in the directions A through G above, then continued to make the heart as directed in   H through N below.
hearth.jpg H: Pull strip under weaved strip as shown.   hearti.jpg I: Skip over to strip shown in I and weave it under basket weave as shown.



J:  Flip piece over so the you again have two strips in same location as strips were in H and I.

heartk.jpg K:  Repeat as in H and I.

heartl.jpg L.
Cut Strip ends 4 and 1/2 inches. (Generally, the cuts are made from the weaved part out about nine times the width of the strips.)

heartm.jpg M.
Turn outside strips inserting ends into adjacent squares of the basket weave. Insert as far as the width of the strips.
heartn.jpg N.
Turn over and repeat.
The loops can be adjusted with your fingertips.

She adds, if you sprinkle glitter on them just after the wax has started to cool, there is no need for glue. If you don't wax them, then you should dab some glue on the ends when you turn them in.  She inserts the statements below with hearts and stars when giving these for various occasions.

Text A

Text B

Susan Light Killinger informs us " Light's Fort is a fort from the 1700's built om the outskirts of what is now the City of Lebanon with tunnels leading to other areas for escape and protection."

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